Brief History Of Barewa College, Zaria

Barewa College, Zaria variously known as Katsina Teacher’s College; Katsina Higher College; Kaduna College, Zaria Secondary School; Government College Zaria; and now Barewa College, Zaria was first established in Katsina as Katsina Teachers’ College in 1921 essentially to train teachers for the Northern Provinces. The then Governor General of Nigeria, Sir Hugh Clifford, While addressing pioneer the students, said: “it is very necessary that the young men who would receive their training in this College, and who will thereafter carry the torch of learning and knowledge, to all parts of Northern Provinces should concentrate all their energies upon the task that is set on them during their period of training. It will fall on them to teach not only the lessons learned from the books but the GOOD MANNERS, the GOOD BEHAVIOUR, COURTEOUS DEPORTMENT without which book-learning is of little worth. Let each of them remember that “No man securely commands save he who hath learned well to obey”.

As the need to recruit Northerners into the Civil service became greater, the College was upgraded to Katsina Higher College in 1929 with emphasis on man-power development. It was then that teaching of science was introduced in order to equip the students with opportunities for Technical Training, Engineering, Pharmacy, Forestry and Agricultural Studies as well as Medical Studies at Yaba. It was also then (in 1929)  that the idea of moving the College to a more central location as well as raising it to the same level with Yaba, was muted. But the global political and economic situation of the period (1930s -40s) made the colonial administration change gear; even the movement to Kaduna got approval only in 1935 and became actualized in 1937/8. The new location had originally been Zaria but at the point of implementation it was switched to Kaduna.
The single stream of 25 students was doubled in 1945 when 50 students were admitted. In 1949, the College was finally transferred to Zaria.

The College moved to Zaria as Zaria Secondary School and in 1956 when some of the Provincial Secondary Schools were about to become full Secondary Schools, its name was changed to Government College, Zaria.
The name BAREWA, which was adopted in 1971, evolved from its symbol, signifying progress in the swift movement of the gazelle. This followed the emergence of six State Governments in the former Northern region some of which began to establish their own Government Colleges.
All students of Barewa College are assigned admission numbers. From Barewa No.1 Student at inception to end of year 2012, Barewa numbers of up to 25,296 have been assigned.